Monday, April 19, 2010

Title: Mikey Aces His Test

Sub-Title: Personal Development for Children Series - Positive Attituide - With supporting notes for parents / teachers and children

Authors: Amal & Santa Simothy, Hitul & Seema Thobani

Illustrator: Anca Budeanu

ISBN: 978-0-9563260-3-4

Presentation: Soft cover, illustrated and plastic coated

In this booklet, Mikey prepares well for his school test on the subject of forest history, but is worried that he won’t be able to remember what he read. Thus he is anxious and is unable to relax and play with his tree friend Tiggle. His friend Genie comes as usual to his help and advises his young friend to practice the principles of positive affirmations. He suggests that Mikey write down a piece of paper that he is going to remember all that he studied. He also advises Mikey to imagine that he has done well in his test and that he has passed the test! Mikey does as suggested by Genie and thanks to the power of suggestion, affirmations, positive thinking etc., does very well in the test.

Mikey is very happy and suggests to his friend Toot-Toot to follow a similar technique for his future tests.  

I felt that he could have shared the secret before the test and saved Toot-Toot the bother of a reexamination but then I realized that  boys would be boys!

The power of positive affirmations is nicely brought out in this delightful story. However, the authors could have cautioned the parents and the children that these work only when the preparatory effort has been put into any work or test and not otherwise! As presented, it gives an impression to the child that there is some sort of a magic formula available to ensure success, while the truth is that the magic lies in hard work and self belief. 

Another great booklet for young children and their caregivers. 

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