Monday, April 19, 2010

Title: Chik-Chick's Cap

Sub-Title: Personal Development for Children Series  - Raising Self Esteem - With supporting notes for parents/teachers and children

Authors: Amal & Santa Simothy, Hitul & Seema Thobani

Illustrator: Anca Delia Budeanu

Publisher: Kidz4mation

ISBN: 978-0-9563260-5-8

Presentation: Soft cover, illustrated and plastic coated

This particular booklet is on the theme of accepting oneself, having a good self image and raising one's self esteem where needed. Chik-Chik the rabbit has one ear missing and felt that she was ugly and tried to hide her problem by wearing a cap. However, Pari, the peacock, school friend Mikey, the monkey and Tiggle the tree help her accept herself by accepting her as their friend. 

The printing is excellent - colorful, eye catching, on good art paper, plastic coated to withstand little grimy hands! The illustrations are good. Contrast between the background illustrations and the text could be better (through a different selection of shades and colors probably). 

The authors rightly bring out the importance of having a good self image and the need for self acceptance. The book helps children and parents, friends etc. to appreciate how they can help raise the self esteem and thus help those in need. 

Recommended for children and their care givers. 

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