Friday, October 31, 2008

Title: New Birth or Rebirth?
Sub-Title: Jesus talks with Krishna
Author: Ravi Zacharias
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 9781590527252
Genre: Fiction, Imaginary Conversation, Religion
Presentation: Hard Bound non-standard size(approx. A5)

When the blurb about this book was sent to me by a publicist, I was curious to take a look at the book from the perspective of a Hindu (myself) and see how the author a Christian would present the innermost truths of two great religions of this world. I did mention to the publicist that my review may not be all that favorable but she was gracious to accept that and send me the book for review. The book reached me during my transition days, weeks and months after my retirement from a full time job, which took 42 years of my 60 years on this earth plane. Retirement caused major changes in life style and the review process got slightly disarrayed. With apologies to the author and the publicist, I present here my belated review.

I am in a way shocked and disappointed that a so called scholar of religions could be so biased and dogmatic. The back cover says that the author has three doctoral degrees and is an acknowledged authority on comparative religions, but this book is not a fair comparison at all. It is a blatant attempt at proselytising and showing the most ancient religion in a poor light and try to 'convert' educated people to his brand of christianity.

As I went through the book, the bias and the prejudice of the author was showing up so often that it was difficult for me to continue and finish the small book. I will give specific examples of that later.

For now, I would say this: if you are a believing Christian, this book is not needed. If you are a Hindu, this book is not needed. If you are an atheist, this book is anyway nonsense. Then to whom is this book meant for? To preachers, who are financed by the church to convert people to christianity.

A more detailed review will come later if I can bring myself to finish the book.


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StateOfAffairs said...

Perhaps he wrote it for those shopping around for a religion? Or for college students in a Comparative Religion class?

I look forward to reading the full details. It is a shame how one can shamefully misrepresent something. I hope this book at least attempted to talk to varying perspectives on their religion...

There is a problem with objectivity at times though - it is impossible to be completely objective as a writer. You are still selecting what information you are going to frame.

Again, look forward to reading the rest of the details.