Friday, October 31, 2008

Title: Invent your Retirement - Resources for the Good Life

Author: Art Koff

Publisher: Oakhill Press

ISBN: 1886939764

Genre: Non-Fiction, Seniors, Self-Help

Presentation: Soft cover

I received the book way back in 2006 for review and due to several factors beyond my control, the book was lying unread and unreviewed. In June 2008, I retired from a full time job, which was keeping me engaged for nearly 42 years of my 60 years on this earth plane. While sorting out various papers, this book caught my eye and now that I am retired, I thought that this book will show me some new avenues for spending my time usefully. So, I went through the book and here is my review of it, with profuse apologies to the author and the publicist who sent it to me and waited patiently all these years for the review.

First the pros: The book is well structured and does the job intended by the author, namely give various options to the retired person (or who is planning to retire shortly). It also helps family members and friends who read this book to discuss the issues facing the prospective retiree more intelligently and meaningfully, with compassion and understaning. The style is fairly good and the information (mostly a lot of resources) is useful.

The main draw back (or scope for improvement) in this book is that the majority of the resources listed are internet based and thus the reader will need to enter the URLs (addresses of the various internet sites) manually and there is scope for error. If this book was published in electronic format (as a ebook), the links could have been embedded into the ebook and just clicked upon. An ebook also lends itself for easy upgradation since the links to various web pages may change often.

But for this small drawback, the book is a good addition to the many existing books on retirement.


art koff said...

As the author of Invent Your Retirement I wanted to mention that we provide the book at no charge to charities and non-profits to use as a fund raiser.

It sells on Amazon and in stores for $16.95. It has its own Website and I can be reached at

S.V.Swamy said...

Dear Art,

Many thanks for visiting the blog and giving your valuable comment. I appreciate the work that you are doing. May I post the review at Amazon?

May I suggest that your website can be updated to accept reviews and while there is a link from the website to the reverse link does not seem to be present.

Best regards.