Thursday, October 02, 2008

Title: The Eye of Icarus
Sub-Title: Book One of the Space Frontiers Series
Author: Michael D'Ambrosio
Publisher: Helm Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9801780-2-9

The book is the first of a new series from the author, who has already published a trilogy. I did not read any of those books and this is my first experience of reading a book from this author. I was thrilled to read a fast-paced book, which was difficult to put down!

The story is simple and straightforward - the victory of good over evil. However, it is told with a great style and thus I never felt bored. The characters are quite well developed, the science part of it was sufficient to make it a SF.

Since this is an online review, I won't give the excerpts from the story etc. since you would probably reading this review at a site, which has a link to and you can browse through the book there.

I enjoyed reading the book and I strongly recommend it if you are a SF fan.

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