Friday, August 26, 2005

Title: Many Faces to Many Places - A Story
Author: Judy Azar LeBlanc
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1-594678-66-9
Genre: Spirituality/Fantasy
No. of Pages: 92

"Many Faces to Many Places - A Story" by Judy is a highly readable, philosophical / spiritual fantasy. Using allegory and symbolism, Judy tells very eloquently the problem that all of us face at some time or other in our life. Many Faces is the girl in this story, who escapes from a witch and goes on a journey to seek fulfillment. She meets many spirits in various shapes, sizes and is guided by them. She goes through a dark spiritual desert of lust, greed etc., and comes out successfully. She meets a Veiled Man, a fatherly figure, full of wisdom and love. When he hugs her and lifts his veil, he disappears and she finds that he is no other than her indweller. This book touched a respondent chord in my heart since Judy's philosophy is very similar to our eastern philosophy. The trick is in living that philosophy. So, Many Faces had to go to Many Places and go through Many Phases to discover her true Self! You and I are also going through such transitions all the time. Intellectual knowledge has to be absorbed through experience. Once she discovers that she is One with All and whatever she is seeing and experiencing outside is but a manifestation of her inside, she feels at peace since she now knows true love to one and all.

I especially liked the easy style of Judy. The symbolism is not difficult to understand. Her play on words like Fake (King Ekaf) and False (Maiden Eslaf) is really insightful. The book makes an interesting read to young and old alike. The first part can be read out to children as a fantasy, while the whole book (which is quite short) will appeal to the spiritual seeker.

The book is printed well, but the editing could have been better. I hope the future editions will take care of that aspect.

I recommend the book strongly.

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