Saturday, August 06, 2005

Title: Goober The Golf Ball's Great Adventure

Author: Michelle Lynn DiCicco (Writer) & John Terlato (Illustrator)

Publisher:Trafford Publishing
Category: Fiction / Children's
ISBN: 1-4120-2071-9

"Goober the Golf Ball's Great Adventure" is a children's book, written by Michelle DiCicco and illustrated by John Terlato. It is a short and sweet story, humorous and with a happy ending. A boy Tommy loses his favorite golf ball, Goober. After a short separation, they get reunited.

The story is simple and easy to read for children. The illustrations are colorful and are eye-catching.

It would have been better if the age group for whom the book is meant for was mentioned somewhere, on the cover or in a short intro. Also, even in USA and Canada (for whom the book is meant for) there could be parents who don't play golf and so will be at a loss to explain what is a driver and what is meant by slicing. Such golf terminology could have been explained so that the curiosity of children and parents could be taken care of.

The story and the illustrations lend for a multi-media approach in the form of a CD (with nice music and the story read out).

A good effort from a first time author.

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