Friday, December 28, 2007

Title: The Sinatra Solution - Metabolic Cardiology

Author: Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D, F.A.C.C.

Publisher; Basic Health Publications Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-59120-158-8

Genre: Non-Fiction/Health

This book is a really welcome addition to the growing field of metabolic cardiology (the role of food nutritional supplements to improve heart health - not a dictionary definition).

Author's Biography: The author Stephen T. Sinatra is a Board Certified Cardiologist, a certified bio-energetic psychotherapist and a certified nutrition and anti-aging specialist. At his practice in Manchester, Connecticut, USA, he integrates conventional medicine with complementary nutritional and psychological therapies to help heal the heart. He is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and is the author of several books, including Optimum Health, Heartbreak and Heart Disease, Heart Sense for Women, and Eight Weeks to
Lowering Blood Pressure.

About the book: The book gives detailed information, backed by many case studies and other published research papers the role of Coenzyme Q10, L-Carnitine, D-Ribose and Magnesium in maintaining and improving heart health and also diseases of the peripheral blood vessels, muscles and conditions like Fibromyalgia etc.

The introduction by Dr. James C. Roberts, M.D, F.A.C.C. is really excellent and gives a good idea of the subject. Chapter 8 and the Conclusion also are helpful in allowing you to decide whether the book will be helpful for you. Chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 deal with the four supplements in detail. The book has a glossary, Resources, References and an Index.

An excerpt: In congestive heart failure (CHF), like other cardiovascular and many other disease syndromes, the actual root causes can be quite varied, from weakened heart muscle, to overly tight or overly loose heart valves, and so on. And while it is definitely appropriate that cardiologists (and other medical practitioners) use the conventional drugs mentioned to treat CHF - because they work - consideration toward adding powerful nutritional supports like L - Carnitine, coenzyme Q10, and D-Ribose is equally judicious.

Only by adding the these three nutritional supports will practitioners be treating symptoms as well as directing nutrition to the cellular level, where it can make a real difference on the underlying pathology. I have watched from the side lines as the simple addition of these nutrients has affected my patients' quality of life most positively... and has even helped them live longer than expected with their heart conditions.

(From Pages 93 and 94, Chapter 5)

End of the excerpt

I would suggest that you check out the Introduction, the Chapter 8 (Sinatra Solution) and the Conclusion.

About Writing, Editing and Printing: Very good. The subject is very difficult to explain in layman's language but the author and editors tried their best. Printing is very good.

For whom the book is meant: Patients and their care givers. Many health professionals will find this a good handy guide to the field.

Recommendation: An excellent buy for preventive and maintenance care of the heart and general health. Will make an excellent gift to your family members, friends and their cardiologists and of course to yourself too!

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