Friday, June 12, 2009

Title: Customer Service Pocketbook – 2nd Edition
Authors: Tony Newby & Sean McManus
Publisher: Management Pocketboooks “Words that speak volumes”
Publisher’s website:
ISBN: 9781903776001
Presentation: Softcover, pocketbook, landscape mode

The first edition of this book was authored by Tony Newby in 1991 and became a very popular guide for customer service. After his death, the book was revised by Sean McManus and the 2nd edition was published in 2002.

Download a free chapter of The Customer Service Pocketbook at Sean's website.

The cartoon on the front cover catches your eye (the lady bending over backwards for providing customer service with the Customer 1st slogan prominently displayed in the background). There are more inside to add a light touch and to bring home the message. The print design is very attractive and you will feel like reading and re-reading the book. In the space of about 100 pages, the book manages to highlight the importance of customer service.

The topics covered include:
- Why Customer Service Matters
- What’s Different About Good Service?
- Effective Customer Communications
- Turning Complaints Into Opportunities
- Empowering Great Customer Service
- Measuring Customer Service
- Personal Action Planning
- Appendix: Notes for Trainers
- Recommended Further Reading

The subject is dealt well, concisely and at the same time, not leaving any essential topic. The book reads like a mini-seminar on the subject and of course the Notes for Trainers gives specific and helpful hints how to structure the one day training programme based on this book.

The graph on page 7 could have done better (the x-axis has no scale and does not show any particular parameter). The book is otherwise edited well and the print quality is excellent.

It will be a good addition to the personal library of managers at all levels and will also be a good candidate as a handout / introduction to the subject.

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