Monday, August 13, 2007

Title: Emails from Hell - The Wrath of William Wendell
Author: David Earthman
Publisher: Synergy Books
ISBN: 9781933538457
Genre: Humor

About the book (from Back Cover):

“Have you ever wanted to respond to the Nigerian scam e-mails just to see how long the criminal would carry on the charade? A foreign dignitary promises to pay you a percentage of his millions if you just send money now!

Have you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of a pyramid scheme? You sell vitamins and recruit your friends!

Have you ever wanted to reply to job postings and personal ads in an outlandish way just to see what happens?”

My own impression:

The book is the result of an attempt by the author to take his revenge at many of the spam (junk, bulk) mails and the scam mails originating (or purporting to be originating) from Africa. In that process, he has created a mythical character named William Wyndell, who wreaks havoc on the poor and unsuspecting spamsters and scamsters. He also tests the patience of innocent folks who just want to sell an unused wedding dress or some thing similar. The result is real fun to the onlooker (the reader) but a real pain in the ass to the recipient. You can read the excerpts of the book (the first chapter) at and may be look at some more pages through google and at your local bookstore.

Some of the mails are a little offensive to read but in general the book will appeal to one and all. The book is edited and printed well.

I recommend this book as a good way to pass your time in airports or other places where you need to cool your heals while the system goes in its own way.

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