Sunday, July 08, 2007

Title: Hermanisms – Axioms for Business & Life
Author: John L. Herman Jr.
Publisher: HSB Press
ISBN: 978-097902041-4
Genre: Business / Memoir
Presentation: Soft Cover
No. of Pages: 288

Hermanisms is the result of a number of years of experience of the author John L. Herman, who considers himself a failure expert – that is, not some one who fails at business (though he did fail at quite a few businesses and learnt his share of lessons), but someone who understands why a business fails. Having learnt the lessons from his own failures and successes as well as the many clients whose businesses he helped sell and thus salvage some thing out of a sinking proposition, the author decided to share his ideas through this book with those interested and willing to learn. He has already written another book “The Innkeeper’s Tales” again business wisdom through the story format.

The front cover of the book greets you with Hermanism # 55 - Are you Making Money… or Wasting Time? Which is explained in detail from P.203 to 206. Turn the book over and on the back cover, you will see a few more Hermanisms:

- Know math or no money (21)
- Failure isn’t fatal (33)
- Facing reality is sobering. Ignoring reality is like being drunk. (38)
- Make the right business regardless of money. (77)

And if you are holding the physical copy of book in your hand, you will like its get up, the fine print quality and the very high level of editing. You can also quickly browse through some more Hermanisms and I am confident that you too will find the book attractive and useful, as I did. Even if you are seeing the book online after reading this fine review, I am sure you can read excerpts, see the images of the front and back covers etc.

Though it will be good to read the book from cover to cover, it is by no means necessary. Open the book at random and enjoy the witty and eloquent wisdom of Herman. In fact, I read several such samples at random before deciding that it is worth investing in my time as a busy reviewer and read it in full. As the father of an entrepreneur (my second son is a successful businessman after a few initial failures and could succeed mainly because of the financial support extended by me and my wife), I found his ideas matching with my own at several places.

I strongly recommend the book to you if you have any interest in business or even if you want to apply the lessons to life.