Thursday, June 14, 2007

Title: Eric, Jose & The Peace Rug
Author: Dr. Helen B. Mcintosh
Illustrator: Carol Blumenaus
Publisher: The Peace Rug Company (
ISBN: 978-0-9763949-8-3
Genre: Children / Story / Psychology
Presentation: Paperback

About the book (from the back cover):

Not only do Eric and Jose not get along – they hate each other. Theirs is a “simple-to-understand” story of conflict resolution, learning to talk to each other about the problem, talking through a plan to make things better, learning to be friends, and even teaching others “how” to become friends, including you the reader with a step-by-step plan that adults and children can understand.

My impression: The book, meant for children of all ages (especially school children) is beautifully illustrated and the story line is simple and direct. The message is clear and direct. If you want friends, you must be willing to listen to them and you should be willing to change. The message is equally valid for adults too as pointed out by the author.

The colorful illustrations add a tremendous value to the story and the book.

My Recommendation: Strongly recommended to all children, parents, other adults and schools etc.