Friday, February 02, 2007

Title: Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke
Author: Christian Wilde
Publisher: Abigon Press
ISBN: 0-9724959-0-8
Genre: Medicine/Heart Health/Fitness
Key words: Heart, Health, Cholesterol, CRP, Homocysteine, Inflammation, Stroke, Fibrinogen

I received this book along with another book written by the same author and which attracted my attention and resulted in my making a review request. And I am so glad that the Publisher sent this book too, which I read first. The other book takes off where this book ends and is titled, "Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair". But first things first. About this book.

This book is a little dated in the sense that it was published in 2002 and obviously the demand must have been good to require a second printing in 2003. So, it is nearly 3 years old, but rest assured that the information is quite uptodate and it is worth spending the few hours to go through the book.

The author, Christian Wilde is not a medical doctor but is well qualified to write on the subject since he is a sort of investigative journalist and when he had a problem with his own health, he did not just go by the doctor's prescriptions but investigated all the literature thoroughly and more importantly discussed with the leading researchers and cardiologists to ensure that his understanding is correct. The result is an outstanding and up-to-date book on the various risk factors that go to make up the problems in the field of heart health, resulting in Angina, Heart Attacks and Strokes. That the author and the editorial team did an exemplary job has been endorsed by the leading members of the medical fraternity. Thus you can safely use the information provided in this book to discuss with your own doctor (who is the final authority to help you with your health problems) in an intelligent and meaningful manner.

Christian covers all the important risk factors that may compromise the heart health including cholesterol, Hypertension, Diabetes, Smoking, Obesity, Fibrinogen, CRP, Homocysteine etc. You may be aware of some of them and may not be aware about some of them. This book is a handy reference guide.

I enjoyed reading the book and as some one deeply interested in holistic health, I was impressed by the information provided. I found the editing to be less than perfect at some places but fortunately, that doesn't impinge on the accuracy of information presented. The book has a good Glossary of Medical Terms to help us, references to the various research articles cited in the book and an Index.

I found the larger type font and the non-glare paper easy on the eyes. I would have preferred to see the book hardbound to withstand repeated use since I expect this book to be referred to often.

I strongly recommend that if you have any interest in heart health (either of your own, your spouse, parents or friends), you should buy this book and the companion book mentioned above by the same author.

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